Should You Do A Clean Burn
In Your Ceramic Charcoal Cooker?

Mention in any kamado-style cooker forum that you have done/are doing/will do a clean burn and the post will erupt into a tsunami of responses; everything from "Clean burns are totally unnecessary" to "Oh my god! You must do a clean burn after every cook or you will poison your family!" and everything in between. What's the actual truth? Well, like most things, it depends. There are pros and cons associated with clean burns and if you know the facts, you will be better able to decide if and when to do a clean burn.

Things To Know About Clean Burns
Like everything else, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about clean burns. Most of it comes from the anti clean burn crowd as justifications for warning you away from doing a clean burn. However, the actual truth is more complicated than they would have you believe:

Reasons FOR Doing Clean Burns
Now that we know that clean burns are perfectly safe if done correctly, it is probably not a bad idea to consider situations in which you want to do a clean burn as well as situations in which you would not want to do a clean burn. So here are several reasons why you would want to do a clean burn:

Reasons NOT To Do A Clean Burn
Conversely, here are a couple of reasons why you can probably skip the clean burn:

The Correct Way To Do A Clean Burn
Once again we will remind you of the correct method for doing a clean burn:

We hope you have learned from this article that the answer to "Should I do a clean burn" is not a simple yes or no. It depends on a number of things which we have outlined here. You many decide a clean burn is not needed, or you may find you have no other option than to do a clean burn.       Home       Search Our Site       Email The Whiz       Listen To Whizcast       Whizlog       Buy Whiz Gear       Privacy Policy      
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