Mad Max's Turkey Recipe Tip 1
The Setup

hi gang. . .Well its 7 days from today to thanksgiving, and there are already questions popping up here and there. And lots of new folks to the phenomenon that is. ..The Mad Max Turkey. So I thought Iíd provide a daily Ďtipí for the next 7 days, leading up to the big day, along with the link below to the Ďmad max turkeyí.

So... .1st tip. is that big bird gonna fit in your egg?? .. .while I roast my turkey in a traditional roasting pan, some folks like to go with a verticle stand, and some folks may like to spatchcock theirs. ...regardless of methodology, you should try out a cold test fit. .. Iíve posted this before, and it may sound crazy, but a basketball is about the same size as a 20 pound + turkey. . .so, grab a basketball, and whatever setup you think you want to use, and stick it in your egg and see how it fits. Make sure there is sufficient air flow around it. Make sure your dome temp thermometer isnít sticking into it(this can really cause you problems if you donít realize its happening).

Follow the link to the site and you see a couple of pics of the set-up Iíve been using the last couple of years. By sticking the little green BGE Ďfeetí under my roasting pan, I create enough airspace to keep the bottom of the pan from scorching. Works really well. Also, if you want to use the throw-away aluminum pans, use 3 or 4 stacked together, it will result in a Ďthickerí pan, more like a regular roasting pan. It will be more sturdy as well with a heavy bird in it for moving it on and off the egg, and for making gravy.

Also, now is the time to lay out your entire menu for Thanksgiving. By buying everything you need over the next couple of days, it will make next Wednesday and Thursday much less stressful. You should also plan to prepare as much as possible on Wednesday so that you can have more fun, and focus on the Turkey and Gravy on Thursday. Usually, the only things Iím prepping and cooking on Thursday are the Turkey and Gravy and mashed potatoes. Iíve prepared my stuffing, sweet potatoes, jello molds, even my ham on Wednesday, and all I have to do is warm these things up on Thursday. This allows me to focus on the Turkey, football, and even my guests on Thursday.

I hope this helps you, stay tuned for more on the days to come.

Mad Max

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