Power/Charging Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the MEATER Block have to do with how the MEATER Block is powered and how it charges the probes. Let's try to clarify all of this:

The MEATER Block Does Not Have An Internal Battery
For some reason many users think that the MEATER Block has an internal battery that is recharged when you plug a micro-USB cable into it. Nope. The MEATER Block does not have an internal battery. It receives its power from either the AA batteries you install in the back, or from the micro-USB cable that you can plug in. If you use the micro-USB cable, you do not have to have any AA batteries installed. However, if you do have AA batteries installed and plug in the micro-USB cable, the USB cable will override the batteries.

The MEATER Block Will Not Recharge The AA Batteries
While you can use rechargeable AA batteries in the MEATER Block (see below), plugging the micro-USB cable into the MEATER Block will not recharge the AA batteries. The Block is not a charger for the AA batteries.

The MEATER Block Can Use Rechargeable AA Batteries
Yes, the MEATER Block can indeed use rechargeable AA batteries, however many rechargeable batteries are only 1.2V. You will have better results charging the probes if you use 1.5V rechargeable batteries. FWIW, the rechargeable batteries from Pale Blue Earth are 1.5V.

How The MEATER Block Charges The Probes
Another area of confusion is how the MEATER Block charges the probes.