Kamado Joe Classic Ceramic Charcoal Cooker

Before we get started, in the interest of full disclosure we thought we would explain how we got this cooker. Kamado Joe contacted us and offered us a cooker at no charge. All they asked was that we evaluate the cooker and give them our feedback, which we did. Doing a product review for our web page was, as always, our decision. To the conspiracy theorists we can only say that we already have 4 ceramic cookers; we don't need or really want any more, so we don't think we can be bought with the offer of a free cooker. But the chance to evaluate another brand of cooker? That we jumped at. -- TNW

There have been quite a number of brands of kamado-style cookers showing up on the market. While most people know quite a bit about the older names such as Big Green Egg, Primo, and Grill Dome, not a lot seems to be known about some of the newer brands. However, one of these newer brands keeps popping up on our radar and we keep hearing good things about them: Kamado Joe. It was in March of 2009 that Kamado Joe introduced their new Kamado grill at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo in Reno, Nevada. Now, just over two years later we have come into possession of a Kamado Joe classic cooker. We ran it through its paces and have produced this product review.

Features and Points of Interest
The Kamado Joe classic cooker looks a lot like other brands of kamado-style charcoal cookers. No surprise there. Here is a list of features from the Kamado Joe website and product brochure:

Here are some more items of interest from our observations:

You may receive your cooker alreadly assembled by your dealer, or you may receive it in a box, unassembled. If so, you will find it very easy and quick to assemble your grill. Kamado Joe has put a lot of thought into the packaging of the cooker and making the assembly easy for you. Here is a slide show that shows how easy it really is:

It literally takes only a few minutes to assemble the cooker. You need one other person to help you lift it onto the cart, and only a 6mm allen wrench and 14mm open end wrench to tighten the bands. That's it! Kamado Joe has a collection of videos on YouTube including "Assembling Your Kamado Joe Grill" that you can view for a detailed look at the entire process.

Here are some photos of how the cooker was delivered and its packaging:

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