A Comparison Between
MEATER and The MeatStick

Number of Probes Supported
The MEATER App can support different combinations of the three MEATER products in varying numbers, depending on how you are connecting.

The MeatStick App can support up to 8 probes simultaneously.

Here is how the various configurations are powered:

Probe Plus Charger:
The MEATER charging block contains a single AAA battery that charges the probe whenever the probe is inserted into the charging block.

The MeatStick Set charger is powered by a micro-USB cable. You have to supply a USB battery pack or power block.

Probe Plus Charger/Repeater:
The MEATER+ charging block also contains the Bluetooth repeater. Both the charging function and the repeater are powered by a AAA battery, with the probe charging whenever it is placed in the charging block.

The MeatStick Xtender Set consists of two separate components, the plastic charger and a Bluetooth repeater. The charger is powered by a micro-USB cable (and again, you must provide a USB battery pack or power block) while the Bluetooth repeater is powered by 2 AA batteries.

Probe Plus Charger/WiFi Bridge:
The MEATER Block consists of a single unit that contains 4 charging stations, a WiFi bridge and an OLED display with touch capacitive keypad. The charging stations are powered by 4 AA batteries. The WiFi bridge and display/keypad can run either off the AA batteries or a micro-USB cable (with you providing a USB battery or power block). The probes charge whenever the Block is turned off.

The MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set consists of a single charger and a separate WiFi bridge unit with LCD display, antenna and button. The charger and the WiFi bridge unit each run off a micro-USB cable (with you providing USB battery packs or power blocks). The WiFi Bridge Set comes with two probes, but only one charger.

Probe Bluetooth Range
To test the Bluetooth range of the probes, first we did checked the ability of our iPhone 10 to connect to each probe on a direct line of sight. Believe it or not, we could connect to the MEATER probe at 285 feet away. We could connect to the MeatStick probe from slightly closer at 245 feet.

Of course, line of sight is unrealistic, so next we placed both probes inside a large Big Green Egg cooker. We tested with the probes both in the horizontal and vertical position. Both probes were able to connect with nothing between us and the cooker at over 39 feet. (That's the maximum distance we could get while staying on the deck and not having any obstructions.) So, you should be able to wander around your deck or backyard and connect to the probe as long as there are no obstructions.

Of course, the more realistic question is whether or not you can stay connected while going inside your house or around the corner of your house. From this test, we produced the following diagram which shows the floorplan of our house and deck, and the location of the cooker. For reference, the distance from the front of the house to the back of the deck is about 70 feet. Here's how the MEATER probe and the MeatStick Probe did:

As you can see the MEATER probe could connect from about 5-7 feet further away than the MeatStick probe could. This is in line with what we saw when connecting line of sight, where the MEATER probe was able to connect from about 40 feet further away than the MeatStick probe.

Xtender Bluetooth Range
We repeated our range check throughout our house, but using the MEATER+ probe and the MeatStick probe with the Xtender. This time, the results were flipped and in a big way:

The MEATER+ probe gained us only a few more feet over the MEATER probe, but when we added the Xtender to the the MeatStick probe, we could connect everywhere throughout the house, even on the second floor!

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