Whizcasting is the lastest technology for disseminating audio material
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  The easiest way is to visit this webpage and click on the icon to the left of each Whizcast. Your browser will download the .mp3 file and you can then play it in any audio player on your computer such as Winamp or Windows Media Player.   A more powerful way to track and listen to Whizcasts is to use a Whizcast program like Apple's iTunes. It is free and can be downloaded from www.apple.com. All you have to do is drag and drop the RSS icon into iTunes and it will download the Whizcast and manage all your Whizcasts for you.

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The Historic Fourth-Ever Whizcast NEW!!
April 12, 2009. Listen to the special historic fourth-ever Whizcast! Hear what went on at the March, 2009 BBQ For Our Troops event at Ft. Bragg! Audio clips, interviews, and more!

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The Historic Third-Ever Whizcast
March 29, 2006. Listen to the special historic third-ever Whizcast in which The Naked Whiz discusses that amazing phenomenon, Flashback!

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The Historic Second-Ever Whizcast
February 9, 2006. Listen to the historic second-ever Whizcast in which The Naked Whiz discusses the Lump Charcoal Database. Impression of Diane Rehm. Reading from the Tao of Charcoal.

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The Historic First-Ever Whizcast
December 12, 2005. Listen to the historic first-ever Whizcast in which The Naked Whiz introduces himself, explains how The Naked Whiz got his name, and how The Naked Whiz web site came to be. In part 2, you get a quick tour of The Naked Whiz web site. Impression of Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef.

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