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Baseball has been a source of great quotes ever since its invention in the 19th Century. We'll be posting a new quote every coupla' days.

Baseball Shrine to Yogi Berra

The kindest, wisest player in the history of baseball. And a pretty good catcher too! Check out our Yogi page for a collection of quotes and anything else we can scrape together.

Joe Jackson Belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Charles Comiskey, with all due respect, does not belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Joe Jackson does. It's so simple, but it's probably a hopeless dream to think that there will ever be a baseball commissioner with the guts to right this wrong (or even a commissioner with guts period). However, we can certainly keep the memory of what happened alive.

Remove Charles Comiskey From The Baseball Hall of Fame

Why is Charles Comiskey in the Baseball Hall of Fame? This is absurd! Let's get him out!

And Finally, Something Truly Silly

Find out what real baseball fans do at an early spring game in the cold...

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