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The Colonel's Jeep Driver

Want the real poop on the Mars landing? Alien conspiracy theories? Starbucks coffee? Come to the best source of information on the Web, The Colonel's Jeep Driver!

The Starbucks Free Speech Campaign

This started out as the Great Starbucks Coffee Mystery. That is until jack-booted email thugs started telling us that we couldn't have negative opinions about Starbucks. Why is everyone so gaga over Starbucks coffee? It's a mystery to us! And why do they want to gag people with negative opinions of Starbucks coffee? Come join the fight against those who would prevent you from having negative opinions of Starbucks Coffee on the Internet!

The Baseball Collection

  • Commentary: An Argument Against Corporate Ownership
  • Baseball in the Triangle Region of North Carolina
  • Baseball Essays
  • Baseball Quotes Of The Every Coupla' Days, Or So
  • Baseball Shrine to Yogi Berra
  • Joe Jackson Belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Remove Charles Comiskey from the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Baseball Links


Chef Doug -- World renowned amateur chef, Chef Doug (of Chez Doug fame), shares with you his secrets. Enjoy the culinary delicacy that will sweep the nation from now until the end of the century, Kedgeree! Learn how to hard cook an egg.

Fanny Bush's Double Entendre Cooking -- Where the recipes reveal the expanse of your thinking. Do you know what Toad In The Hole is? Well then, what about Spotted Dick? We thought that would catch your eye.


Bringing cricket to America! Read about cricket, Donald Bradman, links to cricket sites and the world-famous Devil's Dictionary Of Cricket!

North Carolina Outward Bound School

We'd also like to encourage anyone to volunteer some of their time to a worthy organization. Any worthy organization. Our worthy organization is the North Carolina Outward Bound School. Take a look.

Anti-Under Construction

Any page worth its salt is under construction. So why restate the obvious?

The Information Portal

The Information Portal often contains vital news such as the latest quote from Camilla. But, you never know what you will find in the Information Portal. That is, if you dare to look! However, you have to look often and quickly as The Information Portal only opens for an instant. Then as quickly as it opens, it closes and disappears in the vastness of space. Outer space, that is.

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