The Starbucks Free Speech Campaign

This page is brown, just like we wish those poor little Starbucks coffee beans
would be if they didn't burn the crap out of them.

Join The Fight!! -- Did you know that there are those who would try to deprive us of our right to have negative opinions of Starbucks coffee on the Internet? We regularly receive hate mail from Starbucks radicals who say we don't have the right to have negative opinions of Starbucks coffee on the Internet. Join the fight for the right to have negative opinions of Starbucks coffee on the Internet!!

Starbucks Editorials -- Starbucks is constantly in the news making asses of themselves. We'd like to comment:

Starbucks News, Local, National, International -- Starbucks is constantly in the news making asses of themselves. We're keeping a record.

Starbucks Word Game -- Can you solve the very same puzzle which has stumped Starbucks employees for hours? Come on, give it a go!

Starbucks Search Engine -- Have you been looking for good opinions of Starbucks on the Internet? We know how hard it can be to find them, so we've created the Hot Off The Internet Starbucks Search Engine which employs our exclusive UltraSearch® Technology. Use our search engine to help you find those "good" sites!

Our Personal Starbucks Journey -- Our fair city recently acquired a new Starbucks Coffee shop. Having heard all the news and excitement, including an April Fool's Day spot on National Public Radio, we eagerly awaited our opportunity to sample this highly touted coffee. Having done so, we just want to know why has everyone gone gaga over this company and their product? Which leads us to the following bean by burnt bean account of our experiences with Starbucks:

Coffee Poetry -- We found a coffee poem which led us to write our own coffee poem. Wow.

Nice Things We Have To Say About Starbucks -- Our mother told us the old saw about if you don't have something nice to say, just like your mother told you. So here's everything nice we can think of to say about Starbucks.

Mail From Our Readers -- Apparently, at least some Starbucks fans are as rude as some of Starbucks clerks! We respond.

Interesting Coffee Links -- The Web is full of them! We choose some of our favorite coffee links, but with an eye towards the Starbucks Coffee Mystery!

Concerned Parents!
Are you worried about minors who aren't of coffee-drinking age gaining access to this and other web sites that contain negative opinions of $tarbuck$? Visit CoffeeGuard® and find out how you can do your part to keep kids safe!
Coffee Guard® -- A Great Bunch of Guys!!


If you too have been burned by the Starbucks myth and are in search a company that offers a complete line of coffees, not just dark roasted bitter coffee, try Gevalia. You know, "that Swedish stuff." They have ads in many magazines where you can get a nice gift like a coffee maker or coffee mugs if you sign up for their coffee plan. It is totally risk free. If you can't find one of these ads, you can call them at:

1-800-GEVALIA or Visit Their Website

They have a wide selection of coffees, and you can have it delivered to your home either on a regular schedule that meets your needs, or as a one-time purchase. They don't force you to buy more coffee than you want. Give them a try. To paraphrase that arrogant git at Starbucks:

"One sip of Gevalia, and you won't go back to that Starbucks stuff."

And, no, we don't work for Gevalia. Nor do we own stock in them, nor are we getting compensated for expressing our opinions. Excuse us for now. We have to go check on that compost pile...

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