Questions About This Website

  1. What Is This Website About?
  2. Why "The Naked Whiz"?
  3. Is "The Naked Whiz" Affiliated With Big Green Egg?
  4. Do You Sell Charcoal? Are You Affiliated With Any Brand Of Charcoal?

  5. Information About Kamado-Style Ceramic Cookers

  6. Where Did Ceramic Cookers Come From?
  7. Where Did The Word "Kamado" Really Come From?
  8. How Do You Pronounce The Word "Kamado"?
  9. How Are Ceramic Cookers Constructed?
  10. How Do You Control Temperature On Kamado-style Ceramic Cookers?
  11. How Hot Can You Sear Meats On A Kamado-style Cooker?
  12. What Range Of Temperatures Can You Use To Cook On A Ceramic Cooker?
  13. Can I Use Ceramic Cookers In The Rain?
  14. Can I Use Ceramic Cookers In Cold Weather?
  15. Can I Leave Ceramic Cookers Outside In Cold Weather?
  16. Can I Use Ceramic Cookers On A Wooden Deck?
  17. What Type Of Charcoal Should I Use?
  18. Can I Use Briquettes In A Ceramic Cooker?
  19. Can I Use Instant Light Briquettes In A Ceramic Cooker?
  20. How Long Can I Cook On A Single Load Of Charcoal?
  21. How Hot Does The Outside Of A Ceramic Cooker Get?
  22. Do You Have A Downloadable Copy Of The 1976 Owner's Manual?
  23. Do You Have Downloadable Copies Of Any Owner's Manuals For Other Older Cookers?

  24. Information About Buying Ceramic Cookers

  25. Why Should I Buy A Ceramic Cooker?
  26. Which Brand Should I Buy?
  27. What Size Should I Buy?
  28. How Long Will A Ceramic Charcoal Cooker Last?

  29. Using Ceramic Cookers

  30. Do I Need To Do Anything To Break In A New Ceramic Cooker?
  31. Do I Need To Season A New Ceramic Cooker?
  32. Do The Bands That Hold The Lid and Base Need To Be Tightened?
  33. How Much Charcoal Should I Use In My Ceramic Cooker?
  34. How Should I Light The Charcoal?
  35. What Methods Are There For Lighting My Cooker?
  36. Why Does My Temperature Creep Up After I Stabilize The Cooker?
  37. Can I Use Lighter Fluid To Light My Charcoal?
  38. Can I Use Gelled Alcohol To Light My Charcoal?
  39. How Should I Build A Fire For A Low And Slow Cook?
  40. How Do I Lower The Temperature Of My Ceramic Cooker?
  41. How Do I Remove Ash From The Cooker?
  42. Should I Clean The Ash Out After Every Cook?
  43. Should I Vacuum The Ash Out Of My Cooker?
  44. What Do I Do With The Ash?
  45. How Do I Clean A Ceramic Cooker After Cooking?
  46. Should I Do A Clean Burn In My Ceramic Charcoal Cooker?
  47. Should I Cover My Ceramic Cooker?
  48. Can I Burn Wood In A Ceramic Cooker?
  49. How Can I Cook Pizza On A Ceramic Cooker?
  50. How Do I Cook Pulled Pork In A Ceramic Cooker?
  51. How Do I Cook Brisket In A Ceramic Cooker?
  52. Can I Use A Ceramic Cooker As A Fryer?
  53. Can I Use A Ceramic Cooker To Do Cold Smoking?
  54. What's The Difference Between The BGE Spring and Auto-lock Hinges?

  55. Cast Iron Questions

  56. Can I Use Cast Iron Cookware In My Kamado-Style Cooker?
  57. Can I Season Cast Iron Cookware In My Kamado-Style Cooker?
  58. What Is The Best Method For Seasoning Cast Iron?
  59. Should You Use Flaxseed Oil To Season Cast Iron?
  60. Are There Any Cast Iron Myths?
  61. How Does Modern Lodge Cast Iron Compare To Vintage Cast Iron?

  62. Accessories For Ceramic Cookers

  63. What Is A Place Setter?
  64. What Is A Plate Setter?
  65. Where Can I Buy A Plate Setter?
  66. Are All Plate Setters Ceramic?
  67. What Is A Grid Extender?
  68. What Is The Correct Way To Use A Grid Lifter?
  69. What Is A Dual Function Metal Top?
  70. How Does The Daisy Wheel Top Work?
  71. How Do I Keep The Daisy Wheel Top In Place When I Open The Egg?
  72. What Is A rEGGulator?
  73. What Size Pizza Stone Should I Get?
  74. Should I Season My New Pizza Stone?
  75. How Should I Clean My Pizza Stone?
  76. Can I Use Soapstone For Pizza Stones and Heat Deflectors?

  77. Other Companies Accessories

  78. What Other Brands Of Dome Thermometers Can Be Used?
  79. Are There Any Devices For Automatically Controlling Temperature?
  80. Are There Any Accessories That Replace The Charcoal Grates In Kamado-style Cookers?
  81. Will A Charcoal Basket Damage My Cooker?

  82. Questions About Truly Wireless Temperature Probes

  83. What Is A "Truly Wireless" Temperature Probe?
  84. How Is The MEATER Block Powered? How Does It Charge Its Temperature Probes?
  85. Why does my MEATER Block keep turning itself off?
  86. Can I Use MEATER Or MEATER+ Probes With The MEATER Block?
  87. My Wireless Temperature Probes's Ambient Sensor Shows Different Temperatures Than Other Thermometers.
  88. My Truly Wireless Temperature Probe Loses Connection When I Wrap My Meat In Foil.
  89. Why Is The Ambient Temperature On My MEATER Showing Blank In The App?
  90. Why Does The MEATER App Take So Long To Provide An Estimate Of The Remaining Cook Time?

  91. Home Brewed Accessories

  92. How Can I Make My Own Raised Grid?
  93. How Can I Make A Pizza Peel?
  94. How Can I Make A Table For My Ceramic Cooker?
  95. What Are Fire Bricks? What Are They For?

  96. Problems You May Encounter

  97. My Firebox Cracked. What Should I Do?
  98. My Firebox Has A Straight Crack Up The Side. What Should I Do?
  99. My Fire Grate Cracked. What Should I Do?
  100. My Egg Won't Heat Up Like It Used To.
  101. My Gasket Leaks. What Sould I Do?
  102. Food Takes Too Long To Cook. What Should I Do?
  103. Food Cooks Too Fast. What Should I Do?
  104. My Thermometer Reads 200 Degrees When There's No Fire! What Should I Do?
  105. How Do I Calibrate My Thermometer?
  106. Why Does My Thermometer Get Out Of Calibration?
  107. Why Doesn't My Thermometer Read Zero Degrees When The Cooker Is Cold?
  108. My Dial Thermometer Reads Differently Than The Digital Probe Clipped To My Thermometer.
  109. My Pizza Stone Cracked. What Should I Do To Avoid This In The Future?
  110. Why Has My Remote Thermometer Started Displaying CRAZY Temperatures.
  111. My Egg Froze Shut In Cold Weather. How Do I Get It Open?
  112. The Top and Bottom Of My Cooker Are Stuck Together. How Do I Get Them Open?
  113. I Have Noticed A Hot Spot In My Fires. What Can I Do About It?
  114. There Is Mold Growing In My Ceramic Cooker. What Should I Do About It?
  115. There Are Tiny Cracks In The Glaze On My Cooker. Is This Normal?
  116. The Lid On My Cooker Won't Stay Open. What Should I Do?
  117. Can I Repair A Broken Ceramic Cooker?
  118. Can I Repair A Broken Ceramic Firebox?
  119. How Can I Get Rid Of Lighter Fluid Smell From A Ceramic Cooker?
  120. How Can I Get Rid Of Moisture On My Dome Thermometer's Dial?
  121. There's Smoke Leaking From My Bottom Vent When It's Closed
  122. Which Type Of Silicone Sealant Should I Use To Repair My Lower Vent?
  123. How Can I Replace The Casters On My Kamado Joe Cooker?

  124. Information About Smoking/Barbecuing

  125. What Kind Of Woods Are Good For Smoking?
  126. Should I Soak My Chips Or Chunks Of Smoking Wood In Water?
  127. What Is This I Hear About "Good" Smoke And "Bad" Smoke?
  128. Are All Hickory Chunks The Same?
  129. At What Temperatures Does Meat Absorb Smoke?
  130. How Can I Increase The Smoke Flavor In A Piece Of Meat?
  131. What Is A Smoke Ring?
  132. What Is The Temperature Plateau?
  133. What Is A "Stall"?
  134. Am I Only Supposed To Use Sauce In The Last 10 Minutes When I Barbecue?

  135. Information About Cooking Big Pieces Of Meat

  136. My Butt/Brisket Got Done Too Soon! What Do I Do To Hold The Meat Until Dinner?
  137. Can I Refrigerate Pulled Pork And Reheat It Later?
  138. How Long Can I Hold Meat In A Cooler?
  139. How Much Meat Do I Need For A Large Crowd?
  140. Do Two Butts Take Twice As Long To Cook As One Butt?

  141. Temperature Controllers And Remote Thermometers

  142. How Do Temperature Controllers Work?
  143. My Temperature Controller/Remote Thermometer Is Displaying Wierd Temperatures.
  144. My Cooker's Temperature Is Rising Aabove The Target And Won't Stop.

  145. Safety Questions

  146. What Safety Issues Should I Be Aware Of?
  147. What Is Flashback?
  148. What Is Backdraft?
  149. What Should I Place Beneath My Cooker To Protect Wood Beneath It From Heat?
  150. Are Gaskets Like The Rutland, Cotronics Or Nomex Gaskets Safe?
  151. Is Galvanized Metal Safe To Use In A Charcoal Cooker?
  152. Is JB Weld Safe To Use In A Charcoal Cooker?
  153. What's The Best Way To Move A Ceramic Cooker In A Nest Or Cart?
  154. How Should I Lift My Cooker Out Of A Nest Or Table?
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