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Ceramic Charcoal Cookers

Char-Griller Akorn Metal Kamado-style Cooker
Our review of the Akorn metal version of ceramic kamado cookers.

Primo Oval XL 400
Read our review of the only oval cooker in town, and the only cooker primarily made in the United States!

Vision Grills Classic B Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
This is a lower-priced cooker available in membership stores like Sam's and Costco. Here's our review!

Kamado Joe BigJoe Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
This is the big version of the Kamado Joe ceramic cooker. Here's our review!

2011 Komodo Kamado 23-inch OTB Gen 2.4 Ultimate Refractory BBQ Cooker
Here is our review of Komodo Kamado's latest and greatest cooker yet!

Kamado Joe Classic Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
Here's our review of one of the newer entries into this market!

2006 Komodo Kamado 23" Supreme OTB Refractory BBQ Cooker
We report on our experience with the 2006 edition of the Komodo Kamado Refractory BBQ Cooker.

BBQ Temperature Controllers

The TipTopTemp™ Temperature Controller
We have waited far too long to review this simple and inexpensive temperature controller from TipTopTemp™ Is it a toy? Is it a gimmick? Or is it a serious temperature controller? Find out in our in-depth review.

The Auber Instruments SYL-3615 Temperature Controller
Auber Instruments has just released a new temperature controller with more features than its original controller. How did it do? Here is our in-depth review.

The Primo Plus/Smartfire 5.0 Temperature Controllers
Primo Ceramic Grills has partnered with Smartfire to rebadge the Smartfire 5.0 temperature controller for Primo grills. Here is our in-depth review.

The FireBoard 2 Drive Controller
Here is our in-depth review of Fireboard's 6-channel controller with drive function in the controller.

The Thermoworks Billows/Signals Temperature Controller
Thermoworks has updated their first BBQ temperature controller. Is it any better than before? Read our updated review!!

The DigiQ DX3 from the BBQ Guru
Here is our detailed review of BBQ Guru's basic no-frills model, the DigiQ DX3.

The Lava Lock Temperature Controller from Island Outdoor
Here is our detailed review of one of the lower priced temperature controllers on the market.

The DynaQ Temperature Controller from BBQ Guru
Here is out detailed review of the new DynaQ temperature controller from BBQ Guru!!

The UltraQ Temperature Controller from BBQ Guru
Here is out detailed review of the new UltraQ temperature controller from BBQ Guru!!

The Flame Boss 500 Temperature Controller
We review the latest top of the line temperature controller from Flame Boss!!

The Flame Boss 400 and EGG Genius Temperature Controllers
We have done a side by side review the the two low-cost controllers from Flame Boss.

The BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud Temperature Controller
We review the latest in BBQ Guru's long history of BBQ temperature controllers.

The SMOBOT Temperature Controller
Our most thorough review ever of the first electronic temperature controller to control the natural airflow through the cooker!

The New Upgraded Pit Viper Blower From BBQ Guru
We review the new upgraded Pit Viper blower from BBQ Guru!

The New Upgraded Blower From Flame Boss
We test the new upgraded blower from Flame Boss with a wind shield!

The Flame Boss 300 Wifi Temperature Controller!
We review the new Flame Boss 300 Wifi models with new support for multiple food probes, new pit temperature alarm and new high temperature probes.

The Flame Boss 200 Wifi and Flame Boss 100 Temperature Controllers!
We review both the 100 and 200 Wifi models from Flame Boss.

The New PartyQ Controller from BBQ Guru
The BBQ Guru has updated the PartyQ temperature controller. So how did it do?

The pitmasterIQ.com IQ120 Controller
PitmasterIQ brings out a new unit with a temperature probe and a host of new features!

The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi
Our in depth review of the new BBQ Guru wireless model!

The Stoker Wifi
Our in depth review of the new Stoker wireless model!

The PartyQ from The BBQ Guru
This is the first all-in-one battery-powered controller!

The pitmasterIQ.com iQue 110 Controller
This unit is low cost and simple to operate!

The Auber Intruments SYL-1316 Controller
Auber Instruments has entered the market with a low cost basic model.

The NanoQ PitMinder from The BBQ Guru
The BBQ Guru has replaced their original analog PitMinder with the new digital NanoQ PitMinder. Here's our review of this new model!!

The CyberQ II from The BBQ Guru
Here's our in-depth review of the latest offering from The BBQ Guru which features computer connection and dual-cooker control!

The DigiQ II from The BBQ Guru
Here's our in-depth review of the latest offering from The BBQ Guru!

Feature Comparison Between The BBQ Guru Competitor and The Stoker
Here's a table showing features side-by-side for each of these two popular devices!

The Stoker Temperature Controller
There's a new temperature controller for barbecue cookers in town and it's called The Stoker for Rock's Bar-B-Que.

The BBQ Guru ProCom4 Wireless Temperature Controller
Here's our first look at this new product from The BBQ Guru, the wireless version of The BBQ Guru.

The BBQ Guru Competitor Temperature Controller
It's been around for several years now, but finally here is a review for your information!

Charcoal Products

  FOGO Coconut Charcoal Briquettes
FOGO has entered the briquette market with their new Coconut Charcoal Briquettes. See how they did in our new review!

Prime 6 Extruded Charcoal Logs
Is it equal to three times as much lump charcoal? Almost no ash? Read our report to find out how this new product, featured on Shark Tank, performed.

Kingsford Competition Briquettes
Kingsford brings out a "natural" briquette. How did it do?

BBQ Brick Quick and Easy Charcoal
Easy to light, quick to get ready, long burning fuel for grilling.

The Original Charcoal Company Rancher Briquettes
Another brand of natural briquette makes its national debut in Home Depot stores across the nation.

Wicked Good Charcoal 100% Natural Briquettes
The good folks at Wicked Good Charcoal have taken their Weekend Warrior blend of woods and produced a remarkable briquette!

Old Kingsford vs. New Kingsford
Kingsford claims their new briquettes are faster starting and longer burning, while only burning slightly hotter? How do the new briquettes really stack up against the old? Read our comparison!

Old Kingsford vs. New Kingsford, Part 2
One more test that confirm what we already reported.

Original Charcoal Company Instant Light Lump Charcoal
This is a single use, barbecue in a bag, instant light, petroleum-free lump charcoal from the Original Charcoal Company. See how it stacks up against Kingsford Match Light.

KingsGrill Premium Brick Charcoal
A new and unbelievably easy-to-light extruded coconut charcoal that's great for grilling.

Mr. BBQuick Disposable Mesquite Grill
A new disposable grill which uses mesquite LUMP charcoal for its fuel.

Fire Starting Products

FireJel Charcoal and Fireplace Lighter
This is an alcohol-based starter gel that comes in a tub which burns with the gel! See how it compares with lighter fluid, cubes, and a chimney.

Burner Firestarters
This new starter product from Denmark is making its way to America. See how it compares to Weber starter cubes.

Smoking Products

Komodo Kamado Hot/Cold Smoke Generator
If you want a quality product for both cold and hot smoking, then look at the Komodo Kamado Hot/Cold Smoke Generator. 3¼ pounds of 2mm 304 CNC laser cut stainless steel that will produce hours of clean smoke.

The A-Maze-N 6" Smoker Tube and Smoker Maze
We review two products from A-Maze-N that generate smoke! Plus information about cold smoking!

Olde Barbeque Smokecones
Do you just want to cold smoke occasionally? Don't want to mess with soldering irons or paint cans or whatever? Take a look at this new product!

Hickory Smoking Chunks
We took eight different brands of hickory smoking chunks and tested them side-by-side. Are the expensive brands worth the price? Can you find good hickory chunks at the store? Read our report to find out!

Charcoal Baskets

The Kick Ash Basket And Can For The BGE MiniMax
Tired of tryng to scrape ash out of your BGE MiniMax through that tiny lower vent? Here's a great solution!

High Que Fire Basket
High Que has added a stainless steel fire basket for large BGE's to their lineup. Here's our review!

The Kick Ash Basket
Here is a charcoal basket made for many brands of kamado-style cookers. Before you light your fire, pick up the basket and give it a shake!


  The New Fireboard Spark
Fireboard has come out with a curious new gadget called the Spark. It's an instant-read thermometer, a single channel leave-in probe thermometer, remote monitor for other Fireboard devices and an NFS Scanner.

Smokeware Thermometers
Smokeware has come out with a new thermometer for ceramic cookers with a very large dial!

The New Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer
Flame Boss has recently entered the Wi-Fi thermometer market with this new product.

Wireless Meat Thermometers

  The Inkbird INT-11P-B Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer
Recently found for $60 on an Amazon Lightning deal, we sprung for this simple truly wireless meat thermometer. Like most of them, the package is slick, but how is the product? Find out in our detailed review.

  The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer
ThermoPro is offering a somewhat simpler dual probe truly wireless meat thermometer. With no Wi-Fi bridge, it is confined to Bluetooth range. Find out how it did in our detailed review.

  The New Typhur Sync Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer
Typhur has come out with the Sync, a dual probe truly wireless meat thermometer with built-in Wi-Fi bridge. Find out how it did in our detailed review.

  The New MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer
After 6 years of resting on their laurels, MEATER has finally decided to play catchup with their competitors and have brought out a new redesigned probe and Bluetooth repeater. Featuring multiple temperature sensors, higher temperatures, faster charging and Bluetooth 5, have they done enough to close the gap between them and the competition? More importantly, have they fixed the shortcomings of their original offering? Find out in our detailed review.

The New Combustion Range-Extending Booster
Combustion, Inc. has just brought out a less expensive alternative to its Display/Repeater in the new Range-Extending Booster. It's a new charger for the Predictive Thermometer that contains a Bluetooth repeater. It also can charge and maintain your Predictive Thermomter. In addition, they have introduced MeatNet™ to further extend your Bluetooth range. And finally, they have released a host of welcome improvements to their Apps! Yes, it's a lot to take in and we cover it all in our detailed review!

The New MeatStick 4X Meat Probe Set
While other companys rest on their laurels, MeatStick continues improving its products with their latest probe and charger/extender, the MeatStick 4X. Now with three food sensors instead of 1, vastly improved battery life, and even more Bluetooth range, the new MeatStick 4X is worth a look! Read all about it in our detailed review!

The New Combustion Predictive Thermometers
Combustion, Inc. brings us the first wireless meat thermometer with 8 sensors to better predict cook times. Also, employing Bluetooth Low Energy 5 technology, the Combustion probes and repeater achieve fast, reliable connections over great range. Read all about it in our detailed review!

The New ECPin Range Repeater For ECPin Wireless Probes
ECTherm has come out with a Bluetooth repeater that it calls the ECPin Range Repeater. It repeats the Bluetooth signal from your probe in order to extend your range. Also, we review the new features added to the App since we first reviewed the ECPin probes. Probe swapping, cook time estimating, and resting timers are all new!!

The New MeatStick WiFi Pro Set Wireless Thermometers
MeatStick has come out with a whole new line of products, replacing the orange products from before. See what's new!

The New ECPin and Maverick Stake Wireless Thermometers
Well, we have another truly wireless meat thermometer on the market, joining the MEATER and MeatStick probes. Take a look and see what these new probes from ECTherm and Maverick have to offer!

A Quick Look At The All New MeatStick
The MeatStick recently released their All New MeatStick. What's new and what's change? We take a quick look.

A Comparison Between The MEATER Products and The MeatStick Products
We do a side by side comparison of the three MEATER wireless temperature probe products and the corresponding three The MeatStick wireless temperature probe products.

The MEATER Block
We review the MEATER Block which adds WiFi support, four probes, and on-board monitoring in addition to remote monitoring!

The MEATER+ Probe
MEATER has increased the Bluetooth range of the MEATER probe with their new MEATER+ probe. Is it enough? Read our review of the improved MEATER+ probe!

The MEATER Probe
Here is our review of the world's first truly wireless and wire-free meat thermometer!

Miscellaneous Products

  Soapstone Products Pizza Stone
We take a look at why Kamado Joe soapstone products are breaking and evaluate another brand from Soapstone Products. Are the Kamado Joe stones inferior? Maybe, maybe not.

The Woo Ring Setup For The BGE MiniMax
Not enough room in your MiniMax? Food to close to the coals? Check out the Woo Ring from The Ceramic Grill Store!

Auber Instruments' 12V DeWalt Battery Pack Adapter
If you already own Dewalt batteries, this adapter from Auber Instruments allows you to power your 12V temperature controllers with a DeWalt battery.

Smokeware Grid Stacker
Smokeware has just brought out a new grid stacking solution to allow you to have an upper grid that swings out of the way. Here's our report!

Cast Iron Plate Setters
These cast iron plate setters come from Innovations by Chance. The offer the prospects of no more broken plate setters while including a cast iron grilling surface also!

The Bright Grill Light from Innovations by Chance
Here's a handly light that you can clip to the handle of your ceramic cooker, as well as detach and use in other locations!

Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap
If you need a replacement for the normal top caps for a number of cookers, check out the Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap!

Michael's Custom Grill Works 15" Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
If you want a beefed up cooking grid or fire grate for your cooker, check out these heavy duty stainless steel grids from Michael's Custom Grill Works!

High-Que Replacement Grate for Large BGE Cookers
If your old stock grate doesn't give you the airflow you want, take a look at this stainless steel replacement grate!

CozyCrafted Salt and Pepper Mills
Take a look at this stunning pepper mill from CozyCrafted! Not only is the workmanship beautiful, but the grinding mechanism is top notch!

GrateMates Solutions For Ceramic Chefs
These have been around a while, but we finally got around to doing this review. This is a brilliant solution for creating multiple cooking setups for the small Big Green Egg!

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