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Basic Information

Ceramic Charcoal Cooker FAQ Almost 100 questions and answers about virtually every aspect of ceramic charcoal cookers. Barbecue and Cooking Glossary Hundreds of words and phrases that you might want to know about. Like "ABT".

Information About Kamado Style Cookers

Information About The Word "Kamado" Where did the word come from? Is it a word? Is it a registered trademark? Who Invented Modern Ceramic Charcoal Cookers? Who invented what we now call ceramic charcoal cookers? Who REALLY got the patent?

White Papers

Brining Our Thanksgiving Day special on brining turkey breasts. Information about brining in general. Which TelTru Thermometer Should You Use? TelTru sells four models for ceramic cookers. Which one should you be using? How To Repair Ceramic Cookers With JB Weld Got a broken ceramic part? Here's how to fix it with JB Weld.
Information About Holding Meat In A Cooler If your butt or brisket is done too soon, you can hold it in a cooler until serving time. But how long? Using Fire Bricks With Ceramic Cookers How to use fire bricks in a ceramic cooker as a shield and to add ceramic mass. Experiments With Flashback Information and a video about how flashbacks occur and how to avoid them.
How To Post A Photo To A Web Forum Here's information to help post a photo to web forums like the Big Green Egg forum. Information About The Word "Spatchcock" Oh yes, it's a real word! Where did it come from? What does it mean? Temperature Control In Ceramic Cookers How to control the temperature in your ceramic cooker.
Cold Smoking The Easy Way Want to cold smoke without all the fuss and muss? Check out this product and technique. How Hot Does The Surface of a Ceramic Charcoal Cooker Get? There are some pretty silly claims out there, so we decided to take a few measurements! Beer Can Chicken, Myth or Fact? Is beer can chicken worth the trouble? We found out!
Cooker Bottom Surface Temperatures Using An Ash Basket and Can Can a charcoal basket damage your cooker? How hot does it get on the bottom of your cooker? Here's some information to help you out. Why Your Dial Thermometer's Reading Is Different Than Your Digital Probe So you clipped your digital thermometer's probe to the stem of your dome thermometer and got a different reading? Here's why. Information About Using Soapstone Pizza Stones And Heat Deflectors We play around with a soapstone pizza stone and look at how to use them and why they break.
What Material Should You Use Beneath Your Kamado-Style Cooker On A Wood Table? What materials are best for placing underneath your cooker in a wood table? We reveal our results in this report! Temperature Stabilization In Kamado-Style Ceramic Cookers Why does the temperature of your cooker creep up after you think it has stabilized? Good Smoke vs. Bad Smoke? We explain why good and bad smoke happen, and how you can ensure that you start cooking with good smoke.
How Well Does A BGE Table Nest Protect A Wooden Table? We compare the Big Green Egg Table Nest against vermiculite bricks to see which one best protects a wood table. Using Ceramic Tile Or Bluestone Beneath A Kamado-Style Ceramic Cooker Should you use ceramic tile or bluestone beneath your ceramic cooker to protect a wood table? Read this report to find out. Repairing A Ceramic Firebox With JB Weld Here's how you can repair a broken firebox with a product called JB Weld.
Should You Do A Clean Burn In Your Ceramic Charcoal Cooker? We examine the reasons why you might or might not wish to do a clean burn in your ceramic charcoal cooker. How To Replace Casters On A Kamado Joe Cart We show you what you need in order to replace the casters on your Kamado Joe cart.

Charcoal Information

The Lump Charcoal Database Dare we say the most comprehensive web site in the world for information about lump charcoal? Product reviews and more! Lump Charcoal FAQ Let us answer your Frequently Asked Questions about lump charcoal. How To Make Your Own Lump Charcoal Don't want to buy it? Make your own lump charcoal with our instructions.
The Myth About Storing Wet Charcoal Read the truth about wet charcoal and spontaneous ignition. We just don't think it can happen. And we have proof! Information About Extruded Charcoal Here's some information about extruded charcoal, in case you were wondering. Charcoal Burn Time/Ash Comparison A comparison between 5 different types of charcoal on burn time and ash production.
Links To Charcoal Information Looking for information about charcoal that we don't have? Here are a few links. Does Dense Charcoal Burn Longer? We explain why hard dense charcoal doesn't burn longer than light charcoal. Effect of Lump Size on Burn Time We demonstrate that lump size has no effect on burn time.

Gasket Information

How To Install A Rutland Gasket If your gasket is gone and you want a more permanent solution, here's one. Information About Melting Gaskets Why gaskets melt (and why they don't melt) on some cookers and how to avoid it. Rutland Gasket Safety Is it safe to use a Rutland gasket on your cooker?
Cotronics Gasket Safety Is it safe to use a Cotronics ceramic gasket on your cooker? Nomex Gasket Safety Is it safe to use a Nomex gasket on your cooker? Permatex Gasket Safety Is it safe to use Permatex Ultra Copper High Temp RTV Silicone on your cooker?
How To Make A Permatex Ultra Copper GasketHere are instructions on how to use Permatex Ultra Copper High Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker to make a permanent gasket for your cooker.

Cookbook Information

Cook Books For Ceramic Cookers Cookbooks compiled by Wise One in PDF format, and cookbooks for The Living Cookbook software! Living Cookbook Software and Cookbooks Software and cookbooks for The Living Cookbook package. Plus a discount!

Cooking Hints and Tips

Making Paella on a Ceramic Cooker The ceramic cooker is perfect for making paella. Here's how with recipes! Pizza Hints And Tips Hints and tips for everything from setting up your cooker, to how hot, what stone, everything you need to know! Our Beginner's Guide To Making Pulled Pork A description of our first overnight pulled pork cook to help you with fire-building, setup, and cooking.
Elder Ward's Pulled Pork Recipes We have saved this seminal work here so it doesn't disappear again! Trex Steak Method Cook steaks like a pro using the Trex method. Here is a detailed writeup on how to do it! Mad Max's Turkey And Gravy Cook your Thanksgiving turkey like a pro! Cook it just like mad max does!
Russell's Smoked Salmon Tutorial Here's how to smoke salmon with all the information you'll need. Scott's Cold Smoking Tutorial How to cold smoke jerky. We have photos and instructions to help you out! Brisket Hints and Tips A collection of hints and tips for cooking brisket, collected from various online forums.
How To Cold Smoke Cheese Here's how to cold smoke cheese in your ceramic cooker.

Temperature Controllers

The BBQ Guru CyberQ II The latest product from The BBQ Guru with computer connect and dual-cooker control is reviewed. The BBQ Guru DigiQ II The latest product from The BBQ Guru is reviewed. The BBQ Guru ProCom4 An in-depth preview of the BBQ Guru's wireless temperature controller.
The BBQ Guru Competitor A product review of this popular temperature controller for ceramic cookers. The Stoker The latest entrant in the temperature control arena is reviewed. Side-by-side Stoker-Guru Feature Comparison Can't decide between a Guru and a Stoker? Here's a comparison to help you decide.
The Auber Instruments SYL-1316 Controller A product review of this new low-cost basic temperature controller for ceramic cookers. The pitmasterIQ.com iQue 110 A low-cost, simple-to-use controller. The BBQ Guru PartyQ A review of this first all-in-one battery-powered controller.
The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi A product review of this new wireless model from The BBQ Guru. The Stoker Wifi Controller The new wireless model of the Stoker, along with some new features. The New BBQ Guru PartyQ A review of the updated model of this all-in-one battery-powered controller.
The Flame Boss 100 and 200 Wifi Controllers A product review of both the 100 and 200 Wifi models from Flame Boss. The Flame Boss 300 Wifi Controller A product review of the 300 Wifi model from Flame Boss. New support for multiple food probes, and more. The SMOBOT Temperature Controller We review the first temperature controller to control the cooker's natural airflow.
The Thermoworks Billows/Signals Temperature Controller A product review of Thermoworks' first entry into the temperature controller arena. The BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud Temperature Controller A product review of the latest temperature controller from BBQ Guru! The Flame Boss 400 and EGG Genius Temperature Controllers A product review of the lower-priced temperature controllers from Flame Boss.
The Flame Boss 500 Temperature Controller A product review of the latest top of the line temperature controller from Flame Boss. The BBQ Guru UltraQ Temperature ControllerA detailed review of the latest temperature controller from BBQ Guru. The BBQ Guru DynaQ Temperature ControllerA detailed review of the latest temperature controller from BBQ Guru.
The DigiQ DX3 Temperature Controller A product review of the latest no-frills temperature controller from The BBQ Guru. The Lava Lock Temperature Controller A detailed review of one of the low-cost controllers on Amazon. The FireBoard 2 Drive Temperature Controller A in-depth review of the FireBoard's first model to incorporate blower control into the unit itself.
Primo Plus/Smartfire 5.0 Temperature Controllers A product review of the no-frills temperature controller from Primo Ceramic Grills and Smartfire. Auber Instruments SYL-3615 Temperature Controller The new Auber Instruments SYL-3615 temperature controller gets a thorough review! The TipTopTemp™ Temperature Controller We finaly get around to testing this simple and inexpensive temperature controller in our detailed review!

Charcoal Product Reviews

Wicked Good Charcoal 100% Natural Briquettes Wicked Good Charcoal gets into the briquette business! KingsGrill Premium Brick Charcoal A unique alternative to lump or briquettes. Self-starting extruded coconut. Mr. BBQuick Disposable Mesquite Grill A disposable grill powered by mesquite lump charcoal!
Original Charcoal Company Charcoal Briquettes Natural briquettes made from the same wood as their lump charcoal. Original Charcoal Company Instant Light Lump Charcoal No, this isn't soaked in lighter fluid. See how it does for self-starting lump. Old Kingsford vs. New Kingsford Is new Kingsford as good or as bad as everyone says?
BBQ Brick Quick and Easy Charcoal An quick lighting, long lasting charcoal for grilling. Kingsford Competition Briquettes Kingsford brings out a "natural" briquette. How did it do? Cowboy Quick Fire Single Use Lump Charcoal Paraffin coated lump charcoal in a convenient single use bag.

Other Product Reviews

The MEATER Block
The MEATER Block with truly wireless temperature probes, WiFi and onboard monitoring.
Smokeware Grid Stacker  Add a second level grid that swings out of the way! Cast Iron Plate Setters These cast iron plate setters come from Innovations by Chance. They offer the prospects of no more broken plate setters while including a cast iron grilling surface also!
Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap If you need a replacement for the normal top caps for a number of cookers, check out the Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap! The Bright Grill Light from Innovations by Chance Here's a handly light that you can clip to the handle of your ceramic cooker, as well as detach and use in other locations! Ceramic Grillworks Swing Rack System This is a two-level steel grate system that allows you to swing the top rack out of the way to get to the bottom rack. Here's our report!
Olde Barbeque Smokecones Do you just want to cold smoke occasionally? Don't want to mess with soldering irons or paint cans or whatever? High-Que Replacement Grate for Large BGE Cookers If your old stock grate doesn't give you the airflow you want, take a look at this stainless steel replacement grate! Michael's Custom Grill Works 15" Stainless Steel Cooking Grid If you want a beefed up cooking grid or fire grate for your cooker, check out these heavy duty stainless steel grids from Michael's Custom Grill Works!
GrateMates For Small Eggs The perfect setup solution for a small Big Green Egg. Here's all the details. Komodo Kamado Refractory Cooker Here's a full review of the latest entrant into the "ceramic" cooker industry. Down Under Charcoal Lighter An alcohol-based lighter that comes in a burnable plastic tub!
Burner Firestarters Clean and handy starters that you can carry in your wallet if you want to. MEATER vs. MeatStick We compare the wireless meat thermometers from MEATER and The MeatStick. Hickory Smoking Chunks Eight brands of hickory chunks were tested sided by side. Can you get good hickory chunks at the store? Read this report to find out!

Projects You Can Build

Detailed Plans For A BGE Table We finally put our plans down on paper with detailed meaurements and parts list so you can make your own table. How To Build A Table For A Large BGE This page goes with the plans and is the most bizarre web page on the planet! How To Build A Cart For A Small BGE Got a small Big Green Egg? Here's a $100 solution to making a table for it.
How To Make Your Own Pizza Peel Make your own pizza peel if you can't find a restaurant supply store. It's easy! Build A Cold Smoke Generator How to use a paint can, dryer hose, elbow and clamp to build a cold smoke generator. Photos of Tables Dozens and dozens of photos of tables built by readers. Get an idea for your table project!

Miscellaneous Information

The Ceramic Cooker Thermometer What can you cook at what temperature on a ceramic cooker? This thermometer takes it to the limit! How To Season Cast Iron Yes, you can do it in your kamado cooker, but we prefer the oven.

Older Kamado-Style Cookers

1976 Pre-BGE Owner's Manual This is a scan of the 1976 Kamado-style cooker owner's manual from the Pachinko Palace. (In case you misplaced yours!) 1978 Revised Pre-BGE Owner's Manual This is a scan of a revised 1978 Kamado-style cooker owner's manual from the Pachinko Palace. 1970's Fuji Kamado Barbecue Pot Owner's Manual This is a PDF file of a scan of a 1970's Fuji Kamado Barbecue Pot owner's manual. This cooker came from Noritake China!
1970's Barbecue Kamado Owner's Manual This is a scan of a 1970's Barbecue Kamado owner's manual. This one came from Yoneyama, Co. Casa-Q Cookbook This is a cookbook that came with the Casa-Q cooker, the original kamado-style cooker to come to America. Casa-Q Owner's Manual This is the owner's manual that came with the Casa-Q cooker, the original kamado-style cooker to come to America.
1991 Imperial Kamado Owner's Manual This is a scan of a 1991 fourth printing of the 1976 Imperial Kamado owner's manual. 1969 Kikuya Hibachi Pot Owner's PamphletThis is the one page pamphlet that came with Kikuya Hibachi Pot, circa 1969.

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